1. Address the details – you might think that people won’t notice the small things, like an old outdoor light fixture or slightly rusty locks, but they do. Hardware is something that nobody notices when it’s good and everybody notices when it’s bad. Don’t give potential buyers a reason to hesitate.
  2. Make your front door a statement piece – a bold front door is instantly noticeable. It can change the entire look of the outside of a home and it makes the house look a little more kept up.
  3. Light it up – solar lights along the walkway are inexpensive, easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. Because they generate power from the sun, they won’t increase your energy bill. To install, you just stick them in the ground. And then they look nice and help you see at night.
  4. Get some plants – potted plants on your front porch can instantly make your home look homier and well taken care of. This can also give you an opportunity to get creative and try your hand as an amateur landscape architect.
  5. Mail it in – a sleek new mailbox can add a touch of sophistication to your home. It says “I care about the details.”
  6. Window dressing – adding window boxes the flowers or lush plants can really take a home up a notch. They make a home look a little warmer and softer and add instant charm.
  7. Artsy fartsy – include some outdoor art into your garden. Art can vary the mix and helps to draw they eye to a specific area.
  8. Make your gutters shine – gutters usually aren’t the prettiest part of a house, but they don’t have to be the ugliest. Clean yours out and polish the outside for a generally well-kept look to your home. Or replace them altogether!
  9. Repaint – a fresh coat of paint is like a facelift for a house. It makes it look newer and nicer. Be sure to paint the trim, as well. And while you’re at it, replace any missing shingles and fix any broken fencing.
  10. Clean up your driveway – if your driveway is discolored in any way, it could take away from the curb appeal. But this is a pretty quick fix. Stain the concrete and you’ll be good to go.

A first impression is important for everything, even for a house. A nice exterior will entice potential buyers to investigate the inside, and that’s the first step to getting an offer!

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Sources: Real Simple and Better Homes & Garden

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